Bigotry of Beauty

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Everyone has a right to look good.
– SinCin

Since the Dawn of Man, there’s a form of insecure prejudice by some that believe the admiration of physical attraction is an immorality or shallow act. But, without physical beauty, we can never fully appreciate a person with unshallow personality traits. But can personalities be shallow too? We’re quick to judge beauty, but we’re suppose to be patient with personality? Something is uneven here. For example, once I had overheard someone said that Leonardo Dicaprio was too good-looking to be considered a real person. I’ve always wondered why people are so entranced by the concept of looks, yet we treat it as a “forbidden shallowness” if we get too deep into the topic? Are we truly afraid to admit that beauty has some value? Contemplate it, the next time you sit on a beach, and watching in awe at the sun beaming on the blue sea, as beautiful people enjoy being one with nature.