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“My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot.”
– Ashleigh Brilliant, English cartoonist & author

AARGGHHHH: These pics are old and out-dated. I’ve improved a bit on my photography skills, so I promise my latest images aren’t as amateur-ly photoshopped like what you see below. You can find recent pics on both my Facebook and on my Instagram.

Anything below the line is for archiving purposes only… so don’t laugh too hard.


Welcome to my picture gallery. Every personal websites gotta have one of these, don’t they? Most of you probably didn’t even visit the other sections of rayhom.com. I understand. Growing up in a world dominated by the multi-media industry, we are such a visual generation. Anyways, without drifting off into a long-winded speech about the need for more film-literacy, what follow are pictures of my “camera happy” moments. Each picture does speak a thousand words… and, yes, some of them are cussin’ at you. But if you find yourself cussin’ back, you need to check yourself… because you’re too image conscious.

NOTE: Please allow page to fully load, there are a lot of pics!



Allan & Alice will be MCing the following pics…
and me and Doris are excited.



Hubris @ Club 3 Atmosphere


























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