Post-Betty Era Get-Together

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Jessica “Betti BBG Vaughn” Cuerva, my partner-in-crime for Mind Erase Media, recently came back to visit the bay area from her venture off to Florida at the beginning of this year. We are definitely planning an M.E.M. party this coming mid-summer tentatively titled “Summer Of Love”. Also, updating her on our plans to begin pre-production on my first film short “Touch”, we should be able to start shooting scenes by late Spring/early Summer in the coming months.

As timing has arrived, Doris had set-up a small get-together between some former and current employees of Betty Mills. But, right before this monumental occasion, Krnee, Jess C., and I took it upon to watch The Ruins. Between us three, we have an indescriptive love of horror flicks, esp. the foreign Asian ones. The Ruins (although not a foreign Asian flick), I felt, was a moderately decent movie. Honestly, I went in with a pessimistic attitude for this movie being that most American horror movies have sucked in the past decade or so. I do warn that this movie starts within the first 30 minutes with trite, boring dialogue by whining characters who do stupid things that get them into well-deserved, horrific situations. It’s the “horrific situations” that saves the film. Without spoiling the plot, save that this film pushes the R-rating in the splatter gore department, I found the antagonist of the film has caused in me a new psychological fear of hiding in the bushes. Horror movies continue to undress my mind from a state of comfortable conformity.

Anyways, Doris had us meet with the rest of the party – altogether it was me, Jess C., Doris, Krnee, Albert, Jess R., Courtney and Eszter – at Cha Cha Cha down at the Mission. Although, I have heard of this restaurant many times, this was my first experience being here. I did find the environment noisy and a bit stuffy, but I believe the main factor was caused by the eradict bay area weather during the week. Therefore, it was a bit hard to socialize – but I would still come back to the restaurant, as I couldn’t try everything on the menu the first time around, as I have limited space in my stomach.

Afterwards, it was the goal of the group to find a spot for alcohol, as well as a place where we didn’t have to yell over to each other in a conversation. The first attempt was the most popular spot of late in the heart of the Mission – Medjool. I have memories of boozing and dancing because of that place, but it’s been quite some eons since I’ve been there. If memory continues to serve me well, the last time was for Emily’s bday. But, you know those moments when you enter a club, and you scramble to find a comfortable spot to stand while witnessing a large crowd gathered around the bar? That’s Medjool now. Quite busy, quite popular. This resulted in another option where we had head on over to Bruno’s, which is a chill spot playing mostly 80s music. Everyone had their few shots, and I was able to have my usual “Long Island” default drink. Although, it was nice to see everyone again, the night was short-lived. No doubt, we will all gather again sometimes soon. So, the day felt like it ended with a “To Be Continued” fade in.

Thanks to Eszter, my favorite Hungarian movie buddy, for taking the following pictures:

cha cha cha
I have no clue who the Asian girl in the back is, but her purse hit me in the
back of my head immediately after the picture was taken.

cha cha cha cha cha cha

cha cha cha cha cha cha

cha cha cha cha cha cha

cha cha cha
Jess R. says: No, you build an outdoor shed with the boards slanted like this
as Courtney praises the lord for the elightenment that alcohol brings.


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  1. I must agree with Courtney… the captions lol. I had a great time…..even though I’m not quite sure where the T Rex came from…..interesting…..

  2. Thanks for bloggin’ it Ray! Cha Cha Cha on the haight is much better but a smaller restaurant but the Sangria there is lickidee split most fabbbulous! It was a hot day/night and I’m sure w/ all the alcohol, it didn’t make the temperature better. LOL…until the next POST-Betty Era Get-Together Part Duex 🙂

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