Pre-Devil's Rejects

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I can’t wait to feast my eyes on this new Rob Zombie movie semi-sequel to The House Of 1,000 Corpses. Check out the clips which includes the so-called “hardcore” ice cream scene on the official site at Although, as I write this, I haven’t viewed the movie, some have described it as violently cruel, and sadistically offensive. I hold a nolstalgic appreciation for the classic high times of this sub-genre of horror films of the 70s, which includes the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a main influencer. But for those who don’t watch movies like this, don’t watch ’em. Don’t criticize about how these movies degrade and demoralize the fabric of society, when you are just as intellectually degraded when you go to the movies to turn off your brains in order to expect naive, feel-good endings. I leave it to Roger Ebert to explain it best from a review of The Devil’s Rejects

…There’s a sense in which a movie like this can be endured only if you distance yourself from the material and appreciate its manipulation of the genre. It can be seen as dark (very dark) satire. Or, you can just throw up. …OK, now, listen up, people. I don’t want to get any e-mail messages from readers complaining that I gave the movie three stars, and so they went to it expecting to have a good time, and it was the sickest and most disgusting movie they’ve ever seen. My review has accurately described the movie and explained why some of you might appreciate it and most of you will not, and if you decide to go, please don’t claim you were uninformed.Roger Ebert, Chicago Tribune