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It would not be wise to teach the young philosophy before the age of 30 because they will] taste the dear delight too early… when they first get the taste of philosophy in their mouths, argue for amusement, and are always contradicting and refuting… like puppy-dogs who delight to tear and pull out all who come near them.
– Plato

No man is a pessimist after thirty.
– Goethe

Thank you for the intro, Plato and Goethe.

Originally, there were plans by me to write a small autobiography of myself by the time I hit 30 last Oct. 28, 2002. I even had a string of journal entries leading up to this date since Oct. 25 — the date of my bday party at G.E. — explaining my reason to do so. But despite everyone’s encouragement and my confidence that I could of bullshitted something meaningful out of my mediocre humble life, I’ve decided to continue offering my personal thoughts of living my philosophical life in my journal entries, website, and my writings. As Harlan Ellison once said,”The best of me is in my writings.” Because, I feel I am too young to pen a memoir. But speaking of autobiographies…

Whatever you need to know about life, I’ll walk you through it and hold your hand. Not hold your hand like you can’t do it yourself, but be right beside you when you walk. That way anytime you get nervous about walking, or don’t want to walk anymore, or don’t know where you’re walking while you’re walking, I’ll be right there, for all of your questions, with all of your answers.
– Earl Simmons aka DMX,
E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX

DMX The GreatI’ve recently finished DMX’s autobiography. I’ve put down the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Stephen King’s IT (Sorry, Cathy!), Michael Shermer’s Sense and Nonsense of Science, and the entire Bruce Lee Library to absorb the life of DMX as told by Earl Simmons himself. Why this mesmerizing interests in the Dark Man X?Books! Books! Books! Well, if you know me well enough, you know that I grew up influenced by many Hip-Hop intellectuals — Public Enemy, KRS-One, Poor Righteous Teachers, etc. And with the recent decade rise of the popularity of the “bling blinging” of Hip-Hop culture, its become a boring trend to watch the same ass-shaking and gold teeth videos. If you follow DMX, he explicitly emphasizes his disregard of money worship. He stresses stuff like loyalty, trust, respect as what makes a Man. And his message of a belief that he has a mission with Hip-Hop as his vehicle to “save the souls” of people makes the Bentleys and Covousieurs seem dry… and even no fun. There’s not many voices like that no more — a few I can think off the top of my head as I write this is Eminem or Nas.

Folks miss so much because they’ve been blinded by the diamonds and the fat asses
and the fucking cars. That’s all they’ve been trained to focus on, so that’s all they see.
But this music is not just a bunch of fucking words,
it means something, it stands for something.

– Ibid.

Ever Always Real Life

The Truly Educated Never GraduateAt my age, I am not typical, especially for an Asian/American. I haven’t acquired my college degree, I don’t drive a beemer, and, even though I have a respectable job, I don’t have a fancy job title to boast about. Yet, I have extremely little regrets. Regretting would mean that I didn’t appreciate the lessons Life has taught me when mistakes and errors were made. Realistically, I don’t think there would be ever an opportunity to change anything I’ve done wrong. We are all guaranteed to live with at least one person for the rest of our natural lives. And that is our own selves. Of course, I have moments where I’ve often wondered how things would of been if I taken a different path in choices I’ve made. But I am so far satisfied, not necessarily content yet… but satisfied.

Despite all the cynicism and negative worldviews I may seem to espouse, in between the cracks is the mold and glue of positive/happy moments that I cherish for Life. What choice do I have? Life in itself is a mystery to me. Why we exist, I have found no answer to that question either by religious, philosophical, or intellectual satisfactory reasoning. But the only way I can get through all this is that I believe that for the best possible way to understand Life is to simply live.

I hope everyone has a good new year.