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Hello everybody!

Before I start…

You’re receiving this because (1) You signed up on my mailing list or (2) I know you personally and you’re on my emailing lists.

Wow, I got people signing up as far as Thailand… why would someone on the other side of the planet care about the PTG?

Well, finally, I’ve sent out my first newsletter! I’ll keep it brief, as it is a new experiment. I’ve been busy with various projects but asian-america.com is actually goin’ to live up to it’s word of COMING SOON… very soon…

– – – – – – – – – –

Last Saturday, 07.21.01, was the photo shoot of the Asian American Eves for asian-america.com.

– Miss Sandy “Mommy” Wong: http://www.MissSandyWong.com
– Cindy “Sin Cin” Lee
– Clara “Damn, I don’t got a nickname for you” Lee
– Belinda “Belle-E-Button” Landas
– Luann “[censored]” La


DAVE YEUNG! Yeah, most of you know who he is and I apologize…

I’ve put up a candid online photo album of the photo shoot. Check it out at http://rayhom.com/

– – – – – – – – – –

A few short quick notes:

* Happy B-Day Mikiko Van! I know Carole Francisco’s B-Day is next week! “Tiffy” Yeh’s B-Day is soon… Gil Lee’s is mid-August… I hope I haven’t forgotten anybody so far!
* Hey, J-Thug! Can you FWD this to Joyce? I don’t got her email and she was at the shoot too… Thanks.
* Man, work is driving me nuts… I need a drink. Club NV this week, Belle?
* Don’t hesitate to let others know about this newsletter/website. I’ve come a long way when my site was a riceboy lookin’, clipart stolen, hard-on-the-eyes background, long URL, piece of cow-moo-moo… but I hope it was the content that kept me alive…
* Thanks for your time, now get back to work!

ray hom,

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” -Anita Koddick