re:{evolution} 2006

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re:{evolution}, again, continues its evolutionary process for the coming year… it will be aesthetic changes, as well as additional writing content. (Which will also integrate Ugly Heaven, AA Eves, and Fic-Asian as one.) There will also be a new section focusing on film shorts coming in the near future. Since 1997, this personal site has gone through many face-lifts because there’s a good number of you out there who keep me on my toes to better myself by bringing you something that you care to visit on the WWW… Thanks everyone, and I hope to continue to keep you interested to come back…

re:{evolution} 2006

11.28.05 A.D.

Blogs, online journals… what a revolution in human existence, huh? True democracy at work. It’s been a little over two months since my last entry on And because writing is such an endeavor, I know all of you have to sift through all the bullshit of everyone else’s entries and wonder whose is worth reading. And who is full of themselves, and you wonder why you even read as much. Just think, what if every blog writer had the resources to make their own movie. Would you care to spend the time to watch them all?

A lot of you know that I’m a hardlined atheist. Whatever that means, I just don’t believe in a deity that rules man’s existence. But, I’m not here to question anyones belief, nor is it my place here to do so. (I just find it prejudicial of those that question mines.) I believe in Freedom of Religion (as well as Freedom from Religion.). The question of Fate has been popular lately amongst my friends and family. Do I believe in it? As it is defined, no I don’t. I believe in the chance of Fate. Man is an intelligent creature who built civilization (autos, computers, airplanes, etc.) through education, medicine, and technology. And it would be an insult to not credit her/his existence because of it. S/he is also the only creature (as we know it) that is exosomatic, meaning we are the only known life form that keep physical records of our existence outside of ourselves (writing, databases, bibles, law, blogs, etc.). Then why do we in the 21st century still rely on con games like psychics, daily horoscopes, and email hoaxes to nurture our purpose in life?

Why I brought the issue of Fate is that at my age and those around me, most are going through certain life-crises. Normal for the average human being, when what they thought were true at a younger age, is no longer true when you have matured. This is not a cynical view on life, hardly so. (But I do find it a pessimistic attitude to rely on external superstitous beliefs to bring hope to one’s existence. Well, there are kids that will be waiting for Santa Clause to bring them gifts Christmas day. But, you’re an adult. What’s your excuse?) Again, humans are an intelligent creature who can only survive through utilizing strength, education, and beauty, which are attributes art reflects the perfection of. And, overall, is a reflection of a better human spirit. Us humans (although imperfect and flawed) causes influence on the chances of Fate. The next time something wrong happens, or even something right, look to yourself and your fellow man, and know why it happened, as opposed to why something else didn’t happen, in relation to the environment you’re in. Then, maybe you would realize it wouldn’t be wise to blame the god you created.

Well, that was my rant for the day. Even though I haven’t written in the past two months, I had kept a bunch of journal entries ready to be published. But I was hesitant. They were all ramblings of what I did since my last entry. I love my friends and family, but I think I will eventually slow down on what my daily life is like, with whom, how, and why…

So instead publishing each individual entry, I will cram all those events into this extremely long run-on paragraph… Only you can stop yourself from reading, you illiterate bastards. Let’s begin counting backwards from the most recent events… First off, Happy Bday Ellie! (Don’t remember your age, so I can’t announce it here. Heheheh…) School is almost finished for you (congratulations!)… so it is also almost over for Cathy, one of whom is my inspirations to keep me writing!… Happy Bday Clara! It was tasty Thai food, but afterwards at DNA Lounge, saw no alcohol, and saw no Vickie. Although I’m Asian myself, I’m not use to watching Asians dancing to hip-hop at the clubs. There’s something uncultural about it… I had head up to GodSis Luann & her husband Allen’s place in San Jose, dinner, movies, and crashed overnight. They’re expecting their baby Alyssa to be born this coming year… Thank you, SinCin, for the dinner and Coldstone ice cream (brain freeze, brain freeze), and the picture(s) on my wall. I think they all help cure my migraines… This month was the celebration of the marriage of Jade & Eric. Woo-hoo! I’ve known both Jade and Eric for quite some time. I remember the times when they were clubbin’ whores (along with Shelly and Tung). But I really enjoyed the times when me, Eric, and Allen would get drunk and debate all-night about the existence (or non-existence) of an afterlife and god until we pass out. Congratulations, Jade & Eric!… It’s official, SinCin and Mary (and possibly Patty?) have agreed with me to conquer Half-Dome next June 2006. Beginning the new year, we shall start our hardcore training for six months straight until we’re built, bulked, and strong enough to venture up the Yosemite mountain (which, according to my research takes 12 – 17 hours to finish round-trip.). I’m stoked!… Jerry and Jason enjoys eating a fat bitch! (Heheheh… can’t not say that…)… “Fee-Fee” Fiona and me had head out to club Fluid to check out the design she had a hand in help drawing out the plans. I found it odd that the DJ was mixing in Poor Righteous Teacher’s Shakiyla (JRH). I think that’s actually the first time I ever heard five percenter (’cause the 10% rules over the 85) music booming at the same moment while I had alcohol flowing through my system. It seems uncutural, kinda like Asians dancing to hip-hop… I had saw SAW II with Mikiko and Tashie & Adrian. As stupid as the acting was, and, as preposterous the premise of the Saw movies are, and as ridiculous the arguments that Jigsaw provides that he is just testing human nature, I admit with a certain guilt that I had a pleasure watching this movie. For those that are familiar with the film, it has it’s violent moments. And during those scenes, Mikiko turns over to me and says,”Why are you smiling?” Woo-hoo! I’m a gorehound… Tashie and Jerry and countless other sources were calling my attention to a book entitled One Million Pieces. Okay, okay… I don’t like to give into pressure of what’s popular, but if Oprah recommends it, it must be good. But I do question her spawning of a certain crackpot named Dr. Phil. Well, I’m currently finishing up the rest of Soul Mountain. I had promised Sheena I’d lend the book and have a full report back to her what it all means… gawd, being literate fills my head with too many ideas, I get confused. Maybe it would be easier to be dumb and ignorant. Duh!… Jimmy had free press passes to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Oh, what the hell, figure we should check it out since it don’t cost nothin’ to see 50 Cent act. I thought, how bad could this movie be, being that there are low-IQ lemmings watching DOOM at this very moment. Honestly, I had enjoyed GRODT, go figure… Happy Bday Clare (how’s Belly Button and the kids?) and (Triple-D) Dave!… Happy birfday, Susanne Tan! Technically, I’ve known Suzy for about 2 years now, but we’ve become buddies and learned much of each other’s flaws in the past few months. She’s a crazy one, guys! j/k She gotten so drunk during her birfday dinner, I didn’t even have the opportunity to take one single pic with her. But Snoopy dances on… Jerry had emailed me this afternoon a link to Brandy Grace. Supposedly, she may be the next Sung Hi Lee. Whatever that actually means, only us Asian males coming-of-age during the 90s of the internet era may only express through our hormonal souls… (Speaking of which, ya’ll know Sung Hi is a character in Days Of Our Lives now? *shrug*)… Jerry and Jason enjoys eating a fat bitch… together!… I had hung out with Terrell & friends at a Halloween house party in Daly City. It was quite an extravaganza being that it was a pool party (no swimmers, tho) that was hosting to over 200 people. And that is how I met the drunkard (or was it just buzzed?) Vickie… SinCin moved out (instead of two blocks away, she’s a 15 minute drive… *sniff, sniff* Gonna cost me some gas to visit her… heheh), Dave (Triple-D) heading down to L.A. for a job opportunity, Miss Sandy Wong moving up to Seattle to be with her man… shall the rest of the world move along to, or stay as it wishes… change, it’s inevitable. All part of the evolutionary process.