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OZ WisdomAs my site continues to recoup itself and its relevant parts are restored, I will be revisiting past topics in my blog which have been previously lost. To rip-off from Francis Ford Coppola’s title of his re-release of Apocalpyse Now, I will name revisited titles with “redux” in them. Hey, if one is gonna steal from someone, it should might as well be someone great and who has done some signifigance to this sometimes congenial world.

I will revive my Xanga @ to mirror my blog here. My Friendster and MySpace pages will probably have various, original blog entries for themselves that will reflect similar topics. Check them out, if you have some time to kill.

I will also be re-inserting those nifty little quotes from my all-time favorite cable TV series, HBO’s OZ.

Speaking of great tv shows, the quality stuff returns tonight…

HBO's Rome

Fox's 24

In case you missed it, you should get caught up on:

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