Spike Lee’s 25th Hour; HBO’s OZ

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I haven’t recommended a movie lately but I witnessed one recently that most of you should not miss. It’s 25th Hour starring the Mr. Eddy Norton. Pretty good stuff about a guy who’s a convicted drug dealer on his last day before he goes to prison. Mostly dialogue driven (I love these high energy conversationalist films), I didn’t lose a beat to look at my watch. (Yeah, those kinda movies). And best of all… this was a Spike Lee Joint!

I don’t have any interests in sports, so I spent the whole Super Bowl Sunday watching the entire 2nd Season of Oz on DVD, the HBO prison drama which is another TV series that I highly recommend. Yeah, I have this obsession with crime drama and gangster movies because they have themes that usually deal with human issues and moral dilemmas. That’s why I have a certain dislike for most action movies, which are always about how hard a guy looks holding a gun (Yawn… kinda dorky, if you ask me!).