Takashi & Tarantino (on film) Forever!

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Why do so-called “movie buffs” – a euphemism that means “I watch mediocre mainstream movies to get points on my AMC MovieWatcher card” – refer to Quentin Tarantino as someone who has a “sick mind”? If Tarantino flicks cause you nausea, then you ignorant-movie-fucks don’t know Takashi Miike! My favorite Japanese film auteur, Mr. Miike has a resume of over 60 films, and it’s hard to define the genre(s) he loves to film. Although it never crossed my mind to dream such a partnership, but his latest film (I think his goal is 100 films) is a Sukiyaki Western titled “Django” that will feature Tarantino as an actor! Oh joy, the allied forces of good continue to fight the evil “movie buffs”.

More info about the alliance on Rotten Tomatoes.

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