The Carver

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Beauty is a Curse on the World.
– The Carver, Nip/Tuck

The CarverThere are only less than two weeks until December 20, 2005… the day it will be revealed of whom the Carver is on Nip/Tuck. (Unless you’re a fan, please read no further, as you will be lost… unless you are aware of the plot. I suggest you grab both seasons 1 & 2 of this highly ingenious show and catch up, as well as watch the reruns of the 3rd season. For more info, check out FX Networks.) The Carver is the recurring masked serial killer that rapes and mutilates his victims whom are considered physically attractive. Apparently, the shows creators have hinted that his/her identity will be revealed by the end of season 3, and the person will be an ongoing character of the show of the past seasons. I don’t have a clue, as I racked my brain that it could be anyone from Bobolit to Matt to Sean to Liz to (the most obvious, but unlikely) Quentin. I’m praying the writer(s) of this show have put their creative juices and come up with an unveiling of the Carver that will stun the nation. I’m being melodramatic, but as you Google for online forums on the topic, the issue is hot. I do trust the creators where episode after episode made me an addict of the show. Ryan Murphy does not disappoint.

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