The Fall & Decline Of Rome

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HBO's Rome

Jerry had lent me season 2 of HBO’s Rome recently, and I devoured it within 3 days (10 episodes total). It’s an amazing grand epic series – well written, well acted, and great to look at (rumours are that it costed 100 million bucks a season to produce). Unfortunately, the second season was the last season because it was too expensive to produce.

But, it’s the sudden death of quality TV like this that saddens me, especially in an age when majority of television viewers watch (crap) public TV and spend countless hours on reality shows (and believing they’re real). But, can I really judge? People choose their form of entertainment.

I admit – the liberty that cable TV takes with vulgar language, sexuality, and violence attracts me to the shows that even R-rated movies are restricted to show onscreen. But, these reasons are only the base beginnings of my preference for watching cable television. And it is these freedoms of creativity that allow writers and creators of these shows to approach the subject matters (and entertainment) with maturity. In contrast, it is the censors and thought-police of the public airwaves that keeps their viewers child-like, reacting with “hehehe… [giggle, giggle]” attitude towards adult subjects. Again, people choose their form of entertainment.


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