The ID Theory(?)

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Darwin’s venerable theory is widely regarded as one of the best-supported ideas in science, the only explanation for the diversity of life on Earth, grounded in decades of study and objective science.
– Claudia Wallis, Time, 8/15/2005

The latest topic of the week dominating the news is George Bush’s comment about including the theory of “intelligent design” to be taught alongside evoluion in biology classes to give a so-called “balanced view” of the “schools of thought”. I’m sure “Dubya” is just playing politics… but on the topic itself, why are people still believing in Santa Clause? I thought this was the 21st century? Why does this debate of evolution still rage on? And do not Separation of Church and State still play a role in becoming educated when “religious” theories are involved? If you believe in the theory of “intelligent design” or Santa Clause or Sylvia Brown, that’s your right protected by the First Amendment. (Yawn… are we not tired of repeating this?) But evolution is a theory supported by hard evidence and scientific data. Intelligent Design is based on belief and faith, which is antithesis to rational thought and criticial reasoning. Again, aren’t those the foundations that require to one being educated? You can read the full cover story online at by clicking here.