The Meaning of 5%…

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I was digging through my journals of notes and quotes, and I had found the following. This was actually transcribed from the third track of Brand Nubian’s In God We Trust album. And I believe the person making the speech is during a Nation of Islam rally/meeting. This was way back when hip-hop actually stood for something:

“The poor are then made into slaves… by those who teach lies. They don’t teach the laws of Cause & Effect. They make the people believe that when they see it rain that a spook is producing it. But when the rain is real, how then can the cause be unreal? You are witnessing conditions in the world that are produced by real men, but you don’t see the effect of your own suffering. Because the bloodsuckers of the poor make you think that God is some mystery god. Well, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us… that there is 5%, who are the poor righteous teachers, who don’t believe in the lies of the ten percent. But this 5% are all wise and know who the true and living god is. And they teach that the true and living god is the son of Man… the Supreme Being… the Black Man of Asia. They’re also known as civilized people. Muslims and Muslim sons. Here is a small percentage of people… who know god. And when they know god, they have a duty. And that duty is to teach what you know to those who do not know. Then those of us who are in pursuit of that duty… the 10%, the rich, the bloodsuckers of the poor… they hate the 5%. They have control over eighty-five percent. So, they turn the 85% against the righteous teachers. This is how they’re able to kill the prophets… kill their communities. Because the leaders who are the bloodsuckers of the poor have control over the minds of the masses. And they feed the masses more lies about a righteous teacher. So, that the righteous teacher wil be prosecuted by the 10% and not helped by the eighty-five percent. So, that they can kill the righteous teacher. But a new thing is happening today… a new thing is happening today…”

The Five Percent NOI