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I wanna let ya’ll know that a short fiction that I wrote, Dead Girl In The Dark, is finally published online at The House Of Pain, May 2003 issue. Just hop on over there and find the “New Fiction” section, the story should be there. In case you are reading this entry late into the year for some time displacement reason, “Dead Girl…” should be finding a permanent home in the “Fiction Archive” section by Nov. 2003. The House Of Pain is an online website that publishes “Dark Fiction for a Dark World”. And this particular story is something I wrote during a dark and stormy day…

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“Don’t knock the weather.
If it didn’t change once in a while,
nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation.”
– Kin Hubbard, writer

I recently received an email advertisment with a title header “Do you have questions that need answers?” from “Cheryl Jones, an internationally-known Clairvoyant Tarot.” I did a Google search for a “Cheryl Jones” and I got results of a few doctors, an IT professional, and even an exercise guru. But no “internationally-known Clairvoyant Tarot”. She must not be Internet-known; ironic being it was an email advertisment that I had received from Miss Jones.

In the body of this particular email are the text written: “If you are not living the life you want and need quick answers to important life questions… don’t wait for the answer. Instant answers to your important questions are waiting for you.” And accompanying the text is a picture of an attractive, young woman, whom, I suppose, is Cheryl Jones. Other then the layout placement, this is a marketing scheme to play on our assumptions, being that there is no marker indicator that the picture is of her. Now, if you were an insecure “slut-to-Life”, you would, of course, want the answers to all your important life questions. You demand it! You’re sick of being tired, overworked, stressed, getting your heart broken… fearing death. You’re… wait, a minute, afraid of being… human?

With the popularity of the likes of John Edwards and Sylvia Browne, are we an insecure species that needs to be told where our destinies lie? I guess it makes sense, being that we live in a somewhat cold-hearted universe where if we were able to get close enough, a Black Hole would swallow us whole without any moral rhyme or reason other than than the fact that’s what it can do. (Well, at the same time, we are a society that thrives on watching reality shows because real reality isn’t exciting enough, I guess. Therefore, it has to be performed for the camera to be enjoyable. But that’s another topic for another day.) But, it comes down to this, if psychic abilities and astrological divination were possible, things like world leaders, an education, the law, and other things that prevent anarchy would need no existence in this chaotic and unpredictable world.

Anyways, if you forward this to 10 other people, I guarantee your life will be better — the planets will be aligned, you will be promoted to a new job tomorrow, your best friend’s best friend is your absolute soulmate, and if you’re born in the Year of the Rat, you should mate with a Scorpio to produce the Chosen One.

Otherwise, if you can find Cheryl Jones, she may have the answers to help save the vain, self-centered world that you live in.

This was my rant against stupidity for today.

I’ve spent the past Monday night out with one of my best buddies, Dave. (We are two hetero, single males, so don’t mistaken this as a romantic entry.) We were doin’ the usual contemplation of Life, Age, and the seek for Wisdom and all the other bullshit that distracts us from wondering why we are fighting so hard to stay single. Believe me, when guys talk, I would say that, at least, 85% of our conversations are about the opposite sex. And, believe me, that’s why we seem confused about Life 85% of the time. (No, this is will not be a whine or rant about how “lonely” we are.) Therefore, it’s the 15% of the conversations that I want to attend to — Why do we spend so much time as a thinking species demanding an answer to the “meaning of it all”? No one… and, I mean, no one — whether you’re just a common person, a celebrity, or a leader of the free world — I believe, deserves to know the answer to “why me?” Actually, let me rephrase that… you, you human being, what makes you think your primitive ass deserves such an expensive answer? You spend most of your time eating, sleeping, and shitting. And, if not that, you’re paying bills, watching bullshit TV shows, and if you’re even lucky enough… maybe even “gettin’ yaw freak on”. Now, if you’re wasting a lot of time doing all that, where you get the idea that you deserve the “meaning to Life”? Think about it, you ego-centric primate.

During our conversation, Dave asked (and I’m paraphrasing here),”What if this is all just a dream?”

I responded,”You mean like The Matrix?

I was surprised though to find that he had never watched the movie. So, I went on to explain how The Matrix is based on the philosophy of Plato’s Cave, the theory of the brain in a vat, and how all this can just be an illusion.

His words were “Holy shit. That’s fucken scary!” (Of course, I’m paraphrasing here.) And like all who sees this, he’s afraid to “leave the cave”.

Maybe it’s a bit too much to lend a thought to our existence beyond the concept of Heaven & Hell. My studies of this bizarre species called humans (and cursed to be a member of them) continues…