The Meaning of Life PooPoos in the Forest

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I’ve enjoyed reading James Randi’s commentaries for years. He keeps debunking all the woo-woo, crackpot beliefs like the supernatural, psychics, feng shui, dowsing rods, ghosts, etc., etc., etc.

In his latest commentaries dated February 16, 2007, I read this and had to pass it on:

Reader Dean Malandris directs us to an interesting website,, where we discover that The Abominable Snowman, yeti, Bigfoot – whatever you wish to call him – has abilities far beyond what we might have expected. Did you know that the Sasquatch can read, write, shape-shift, voice project, create infrasound that affects the environment, de-materialize at will – or cause you to have an experience of “lost time” so you think they de-materialized! – travel 300 miles a day on foot, and that they live in well-lighted underground facilities, contact and live with star people, tell us about our past and our future, have lived here longer than the human race? They are Christian, and use rocks as units of currency.

Gee, I never knew that! It shows what a wealth of information is available to you on the Internet!

Humans are our own best target for amusement.

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