The Preacher on HBO (Part II)

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Last November, I was surged with excitement that HBO was producing Garth Ennis (writer) & Steve Dillon’s (artist) The Preacher for cable television. Now, it seems like the project is on hold. *sniff, sniff* Either HBO is still undecided of how to approach the production, or they can’t secure any good talent to produce the series. Originally, Kevin Smith’s View Askew Productions was producing a film based on the series. (There’s even a production image of the character “Arse Face” floating around the internet.) But, it just would not work as a Hollywood film – a 5-year graphic comic series with content that is more explicit than R-rated guidelines would allow (not even with the extremes of a Kevin Smith touch). But, the latest news to come out – according to Comics2Film, is that “Word is Robert Rodriguez is circling the project and he’s just one of many top-shelf directors interested in the series.” I get on my knees, humble my atheistic ass, and say my prayer – Lord, please grant my wish that the guy who did justice to Frank Miller’s “Sin City” as a film bring to life “The Preacher” for HBO.

The Preacher

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How to nag HBO to get The Preacher produced: go here

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