The Preacher on HBO

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The PreacherI love cable TV, especially HBO. The writing and acting is on par (even better than most Hollywood productions, in my opinion.). The Sopranos, Entourage, Sex & The City, Six Feet Under, Rome, The Wire, and OZ(!!!)… the list is endless… but what really got my hormones nurturing is that HBO is creating Garth Ennis (writer) & Steve Dillon’s (artist) The Preacher as a TV series. I had last spoke about The Preacher initially on back in May 21, 2001, sadden that the graphic novel series has ended. At that time, I was ecstatic with graphic novel storytelling, but could never see them translated to the film medium. I was, of course, eventually proven wrong with what Robert Rodriguez did with Frank Miller’s Sin City. (I hope Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman will get considered next.) Here comes The Preacher!

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