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Hey folks – As you can see, my site has simplified again. I’m going through changes, as I’m working on getting out some short films for you peoples to check out. I’m working towards eventually doing my own film production in the near future. What does this have to do with my site constantly changing? Well, for now, I will make it easy for you peoples to access my blog without having to navigate through all the flashy animations and clicking on too many links. Therefore, I can communicate easier for the time being until I get to eventually making it easier for you to access videos/films when I will finally get them online. So, yes, there will be more changes to the look. I know I’ve taken down the access to my essays and fiction writing (but those are old, you’ve read those a few years back already, assuming if you cared). And, I know my pics gallery have been eradict, but for now, check the pics at either my Friendster or MySpace.

It’s been a long time coming, and there’s still a long time going. But, I have stuff I want to voice out on film, as well as continue in words. I’ve talked of this much in the past, and the opportunity will open for me, if I work my ass off for it. This I believe. It’s been a dream of mines to have a full-feature film some day. Whether it’s my calling, I’m unsure, but I have to show an effort that I’ve tried and get it out of my system.

It’s annoying me, but, there are too many people I encounter going through their mid-life crises, are unhappy, or like to yapper about their negative life lessons to me (usually involves them having no confidence and that life is shitty). Or, even worse, are the inane whiners of boredom. “There’s nothing to do” – they tell me. Or that they are too busy to live their dreams. Right. Yet, you have all this time to be unhappy, whine, and be bored. No. There’s a bigass fuck world inhabited by leaders, artists, thinkers, scientists, pornstars, movie makers, writers, innovators, non-profit organizations – all kinds of people who are doing something apparently you don’t have the balls to do. Boredom equals fear.

Fight your fears…

NOTE: Since I’ve been regrouping and “cleaning house”, I have made public a few entries that I’ve had drafts, but never got around to finishing them in the past couple of months. So, if you have the time, you can retread back and see what ramblings you may have missed.

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