The Soprano Neverends Forever…

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Despite all the controversy, I enjoyed and was satisfied with the ending of the series. I’ve always believed that David Chase is one of the best TV writers (in the leagues of Tom Fontana and Shawn Ryan) out there. I know there are those that may strongly disagree, but, personally, The Sopranos is endless in its complete circular motion of The Sopranos.

And, I think Jim Emerson, editor of, says it well to the unsatisfied:

“…I have to ask: What did you want? If any or all of the things you expected happened, then where would that get you? …Series creator David Chase obviously knew that if he provided one or more of the usual denouements, it would color everything that came before. So, Tony gets his comeuppance, by getting whacked, or losing family members, or going to jail, or going into the Witness Protection Program like that schmuck Henry Hill in “GoodFellas.” Aha! That’s what this has all been leading up to! What could be more anti-climactic than any of those trite outcomes? You’ve seen them all before in other movies, anyway. To me, they would have spoiled “The Sopranos” by arbitrarily assigning it a hackneyed and finite “moral lesson” end-point.”

Bye, bye, and hello, again and again…

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