The Will To Be Women

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Having watched Tarantino’s Grindhouse portion, Death Proof, again – I admit that I love women who cuss and beat other guys up. Lights my nuts on fire, and keeps my brain inflamed.

Okay, enough expression of my male-ego fantasies…

In a mentally-disabled world obssessed with the most minute happenings of Paris Hilton and Britney… and men with the mentality of 12-year-olds oogling over PG-13 pics of Jessica Alba and, at best Rated-R (which implies the mentality of a 17-year-old) Angelina Jolie, I’m in love with the following real women:

Kimora Lee Simmons: Former wifey of Russell Simmons, this daughter of a half Korean/half Japanese mother and an African-American father, has amassed an empire worth over $800 million through her Baby Phat fashion line. Some people tell me that she seems like a “biatch” (mostly portrayal through the media/realtiy shows. Ignorant masses love that kinda drama to keep their monotonous lives churning)… well, in a male-dominated world of business, you gotta be a tough chick. And, KLS looks good being one.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Natalise: She, who is of Burmese Chinese heritage, made a deal with her parents that if she could graduate from Stanford University within 3 years, they would allow her to continue making her music. And no doubt, she apparently proved it wasn’t empy words. That’s what you call a go-getter! I’d wish more people of Asian descent would prove themselves in the opposition of doubt in this attitude. And, she does good music! And she… well, looks good doing what she does, too! You can find more info about her at her official website on


Lily Thai: Part Pilipino, Part Hawaiian, and part Italian, she is a well-bred, hardcore porn actress… You’re probably wondering “WTF?!” And I’m saying “the fuck” is that I am fascinated with her sexually aggressive attitude and for having a foul-mouth during her classic sex scenes. You think women empowerment is only all about having an intelligent, witty personality and a being go-getter? No, it’s all about looking-good and being sexually assertive too! Now, that’s the power of a well-rounded woman!

Lily Thai

If you’re still mentally (or physically, too) horny for more strong-willed women, check out Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women

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