Ther3fore i am

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I’ve had one those moments where life had flashed in front of my eyes today. With details left out for personal reasons, I totaled my car (you don’t need to know what type of car it was unless you are AAA insurance, you riceboy!) in front of SFSU. I”ve learned a hard lesson about keeping maintenance on one’s car. My dad said to me that “even if you don’t have money to eat, you should keep your car in good maintenance.” Because a car with worn tires, unchecked breaks, etc., can be a danger to society. I count my blessings for the fact that I ended up rear-ending someone instead of plowing through a group of students crossing the street when my car skidded forward on this rainy day. When someone tells you that you should change your oil, get new tires, fix your headlight, whatever… get it done! Don’t fucken be stubborn because no matter how good of a driver you are, you’re gonna kill somebody with an un-maintenanced car. And when someone says “I told you so,” it will be too late of an excuse for either person. Yes, shit happens… but it would be better to be aware that shit happens, to prevent shit from happening, so that we can concentrate more on making good shit happen.

Well, I hope everybody likes the new direction that is taking. I’ve recently became a freelance writer for Asian American Times. You can check out my first article about Asian American Jazz. I’m also an Editorial Manager for the upcomimg magazine Karma. More details on that soon… But my main focus for the year 2002 are short stories, a novel, and a screenplay. Fiction, fiction, fiction. I will keep you folks posted. But do check out my Code Visions writing section.

My poem about what riceboys be:

Ther3fore i am

I i My
can spell (i thInk) can read math skillz
but the Sports Section iz pager code
i i 12 17
CaN’t wRiTe can’t read Descarte 0011117?
i i i am
drive dunno Azn Pride
my dad’s car whu my parents r 4 Eva
to bump cuz i don’t heAr dem ‘cuz i front
pop mu-sick when dey talk 2 me Ebonics
I am not aware of my surroundings.
i’m i’m out i know rap
American Born 2
n if I ain’t make dat money respect is
i call others for me and my all about me
fobs homiez
2 b and da angelbebez I don’t know hip-hop
i i i am
eAt am down
sleEp ignore – 4
N ignore – ‘whateva’
shit rant coo~

– ray hom 11/10/01

Be back soon, got some reality stuff to take care of.