Thoughts (01.17.01)

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Hey you! Sorry, it’s been over two weeks since my first journal entry of the new year. And I’ve been busy and writing is a hard thi… NO! I’m not sorry! Day and Night in front of the computer can make one’s sanity be insane and turn you into a guilty lover of the Net… and you end up making excuses to not have more time for your friends and family.

If you have not checked it out, watch that new flick TRAFFIC directed by Steven Soderberg and written by Stephen Gaghan. It is an extremely well-made (and I stress those words — EXTREMELY WELL-MADE!) film about the failed war on drugs. It’s been a long time since I’ve came out of a movie theater completely satisfied with what I experienced (especially with the cost of movies these days — $8.75!). I see this movie as THE GODFATHER of the new millennium. Not only that, but Catherine Zeta-Jones was good in the movie… very scary as the wife of a millionaire, drug smuggler (but she still looks good(!) even pregnant with Mr. Douglas’s new kid). Check out the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.

Well, that’s all I have to say… don’t whine. I’ll be back soon. There are about 6 billion other people on this here planet Earth, spend some quality time with them… As they say nowadays when we promise to meet again… Latez…