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I’ve recently put up a couple of simple sites to promote the businesses of some friends of mine:

At, they provide water damage services for those boo-boos that the weather (and other natural causes I won’t mention) has caused on your buildings and furnishings. But, the company want it to be clear to me (and you) that they don’t fix personal boo-boos you may have caused on yourself. If you need to ask this, you should question why your parents didn’t toilet train you well.

Bay Area Restoration

Frank Lee is a master designer of walnut wood furniture. If you go to, you would get a pretty good idea of how he personally architects his work. Don’t waste your money on cheap Ikea stuff! Get the authentic Frank Lee stuff! Don’t believe me? Read the profile on who is Frank Lee (biasly interviewed and written by me). 😀

Walnut Slab Table

If you have the interests in their services, please support them. And tell ’em ray hom sent ya! Also, if you need a simple website built, let me know. Thanks.

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