Waiting In Line for the Dark Knight…

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I waited in line last night in front of Best Buy in the Mission with my friend Jimmy, whom we affectionately call “Bruce Wayne” to be the first in line to get the limited edition Batman figures at midnight. So, the story was that we started waiting at 8:30PM freezing at 48 degrees weather. Jimmy was first in line (me 2nd), so he has earned the title of being a complete Batman fanatic. He wanted the limited edition figures of both Batman and Joker, but you’re only allowed one figure per person. So, the plan was for Jimmy to get the Batman, and I get the Joker. And there’s only 7 total available for each character in the entire store starting at midnight. The 3rd person in line was an employee at Best Buy, and rules are that he has to line up to. It wasn’t until about 10pm that a line began to form, and by 11:30, there were about 100 people. They held a raffle for a $25 gift card, a soundtrack CD, and an autographed copy of the movie by Christopher Nolan. Jimmy, that lucky bastard, won the gift card. I wanted the autograph, but I ended having to buy the movie (included a free joker card-while supplies last). Anyways, in the end, we got the figures Jimmy wanted, and now I’m home warming up, watching my copy of “The Dark Knight”…

The Bat Signal

Waiting for the Dark Knight at Best Buy

That’s Jimmy behind the pole…

Waiting for the Dark Knight at Best Buy

Dave drove by to give us coffee, laugh at us, and took this pic:

Waiting for the Dark Knight at Best Buy

15 Replies to “Waiting In Line for the Dark Knight…”

  1. U freaking idiots!!!! I’m going to swing by just to make fun of you geeks!!! I’m going to take pics as blackmail!!!!

  2. WTF?!!…When u say u 2 will be the 1st 2 to get it dont u really mean u 2 will be the ONLY 2 out there on a cold Monday night?

  3. Hahahhaha!!! Help stop it! I can’t stop lauging!! My ribs hurt!!! Thank you Ray!!!! I haven’t cracked up like this for a long time!!! (Mikiko; just visited ray and jimmy…I have pix!!!)

  4. Omg! Ray u guys were really there? And Dave, you really went to make fun of them? But how nice, you brought them coffee! =P

  5. Thanks for doing this with him. You won’t get a drunk Jimmy saying “I love you” to you though.

    Say “hi and…” to Jimmy for me. 😉

  6. wow..who won the autographed DVD from NOlan?
    i thought you were waiting to buy the blu ray version of TDK

    did dave see you guys in line or something?

  7. Some fat, stubby guy won the autographed DVD. I know his body shape ‘cause he was bouncing, and trouncing when they announced his number. Yeah, Jimmy actually bought me the blu-ray for the trouble of standing in line with him. But, I also bought me the DVD to watch for now, since I don’t have my PS3 yet. Eventually, I will sell the DVD on Amazon, and make a portion of my money back.

    I texted Dave about what I was up to, so he had to see us in person for himself. He couldn’t stop laughing the whole night…

  8. Laugh all you want, can’t say the things I do is conventional. But, the next time you whimper and whine about how bored you are… remember who entertains you the most! =)

  9. Your adventure with Jimmy sounded like a crazy one. You both are Batman crazies. Did you like it just as much when watching it again? I hear the making-of were awesome. Have you seen those? Man, I can’t wait to watch it again. But not until after Thursday I guess.

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