What happened to 2006?

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It’s about a week into the new year of 2007, and some of you, who actually visit my blog/site here, may have noticed that it’s gotten screwy with the placement of (or missing) various posts. Unfortunately, I have not backed-up the posts of 2006, and all is losts. I do have pieces of the puzzle somewhere, but it’s not worth the effort to put it back together. 2006 was a year of growth and changes (and getting rid of unnecessary baggage – which includes past posts) for me, but I doubt I would wish to waste your time whining about it. =) But, I have the initial start of rayhom.com up to 2005 in PDF format, which you can see in the archives listing to your right. (You must be extremely bored to be doing so, though.) We’re in 2007, and it’s no use dwelling on the past like a mid-age, beer swiggling glutton who reminisces about better days in high school. I expect to bring you better content in the near future… I thank you for having stayed with me up to this point…

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