How attention whores bore me…

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It was by chance that I had come upon Kenneth Eng’s “Why I Hate Blacks” article in AsianWeek‘s latest issue (#27) dated March 1, 2007. It was a Sunday afternoon last weekend, and I was standing outside of Cafe Bakery on Noriega waiting for my pops to come out of the can in the restaurant. And, in front of almost every Western HK restaurant, there’s bound to be an AsianWeek news bin. So, I grabbed me a free copy that day. I have since forgotten what was on the front cover, probably something promoting Asian American politics. Anyways, I was watching “24” Monday night, and during a commercial break, I had flipped through the publication seeking Asian American enlightenment. I remember coming across an article about advising Rinko Kikuchi (nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Babel) on how to accept her Oscar if she won, and a bunch of other tid bits like about celebrating the New Year of the Boar. Then I came across Kenneth Eng’s article. Seeing the title, I was expecting a witty satire of sorts about race relations. But after reading it, I shrugged my shoulders and said to myself,”I don’t get it. That was dumb. Was this supposed to be funny? Inspiring? Entertaining?” I yawned and tossed the paper on my futon, and excited that 24 had started, again, right on time. (Pun intended.)

P.S. – To cure the damper you may be experiencing because you were duped into believing that you live in a world ruled by Kenneth Eng’s words, this comic strip appeared in the same AsianWeek issue, by the Secret Asian Man that cracked me up:

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