These are various types of writings I have done. Some, which are most of the fictonal stuff, are more personal. It has been quite awhile since I have written much of anything, other than the screenplays for the film career of recent years. So, most of these ramblings may be dated and juvenile. Enjoy!

Essays, Interviews, & Articles

Miss Misery’s Last Doorway Productions (2009 – 2010): When I’m not working on a film project, working 9-to-5 as an UI prototyper, nor obsessing over the latest posts on Facebook, I’m moonlighting as a horror journalist for Miss Misery’s Last Doorway Productions site doing Q&A’s with various film industry folks associated within the horror industry.


Karma Magazine (2002): This magazine premiered on September 28, 2002, introducing itself as the new entertainment source for the bay area scene. I was the club editor for the first issue reviewing certain popular San Francisco venues –

  • Mission Ale House { read it }
  • Kubota Japanese Restaurant: East Meets West { read it }
  • Never Ending Experience: Club TEN 15 { read it }
  • Sno-Drift: How The Chilliest Place… { read it }
  • 111 Minna: The Party Starts at 5PM { read it }
  • Hedonism: Boys Toys { read it }


AsianMall.com: Maggie Lee Interview (2002)
I recently interviewed Maggie Lee on AsianMall.com. She’s a Chinese-American singer hailing from Orlando, Florida, if y’all didn’t know. At only the age of 19 now, she seems ambitions and determined in pursuing her artistic career with full support from her parents. Which is a damn rarity among Asian-Americans. (Not to point any fingers!) But, it’s all good, you do what you love and the money will eventually follow… hopefully. { read it }


Asian American Times: Asian American Jazz Festival 2001
This was a straight forward article I wrote for the Asian American Times in Oct. 2001 about the Asian American Jazz Festival for that year. { read it }


AsianMall delves deep into Kristine Sa’s intellect to prove that
Kristine isn’t just another dumb blonde/brunette/redhead
(what color will be next?).

Nemesis Records

AsianMall.com: Kristine Sa Interview (2001)
Kristine SaOn March 27, 2001, I’ve had the humble opportunity to interview Nemesis Record‘s recording artist Kristine Sa on AsianMall.com. As a rising Asian American singer, she is opening doors to a new arena of artists. Starting early in the internet promotion of music, Kristine will be around for a long time on the WWW with power of new media. Listen (pun intended) to what she has to say. { read it }


Who I Am and Why I Do What I Do (1998)
This was a personal, autobiographical essay attempting to disseminate why I like to write as what philosophical thoughts drive me to do. To Live = Writing was what I was trying to say here. This is where you will begin to understand (or despise) me… { read it }


Writing (1997)
A simple one page essay on why I enjoy writing and what my hopes on the gain on such a unique past time. { read it }


Electric Shadows: Asians in American Films (1994)
Back in 1994, I wrote this essay for a class about Asians in the Media which decontstructed the state of the way Asians were portrayed in the media. Most may not recognize or remember the films mentioned in the essay but I believe my thoughts of Hollywood Asian America is still relevant today.
{ read it }



“you seek truth, beauty, and wisdom…
it hurts more than hatred and loneliness to
attain them… you have to be ugly…”

The last of the monk wolves walks the Earth in seeking answers to his Origin. Half-man/half-beast, and part machine, he has learned his birth was the Creation of the Sexual Appetites of demons and angels. His Experience of Life polars between the conditions of Heaven and Hell. And his refuge lies only through Wisdom in Order to nurture his Immortality of his Flesh & Spirit. But, he must Suffer before he can get to the Good…


Read the e-novel of the:
the asian american eves


The Great Philosophers (2003): Worlds were conquered, beliefs were instilled, and mythologies were created because of what they taught to be the Truth of things. { read it }


Dead Girl In The Dark (2002): A horror story that steps into the realms where children are fodder for adult insecurities. *shrug* Take it as you wish. (Featured on the House Of Pain site, May 2003 issue.) { read it }


Alone, Supported By A Few (2002): A story influenced by my AA Eves mythology. { read it }


In The Land That Never Sleeps (2000): There exists places to visit for the survival of dreams. Enter my experimental meTa story. { read it }


Elements (2000): These are two, small shorts – Tight Squeeze & The Bionic Arm – with my attempt at humour. { read it }


Normal Darkness (2000): Humanity’s relation to the Goddess of Immortality — Wisdom, in the form of human interaction. { read it }


Tradition (2000): The Kosan family cared enough to carry it on. { read it }


It Wants What You Want (2000): A one-page short about… what you want. { read it }


Epiphany (1998): This is the story of Ash, who asked for forgiveness. He didn’t know that it starts with the Self. { read it }


Playmates (1997): A 2 scene play about a girl with potential, named Meena. { read it }


A Typical Workday (1997): A fragment piece of a story, starring Fiona, written with the beginning of the AA Eves in mind. { read it }


K-OS: The Arc of Soul Decree (1997): Everybody’s first piece of writing has to be a release of angst during their frustrated youthful years. This was mine. Of course, for me, it had to be a story about a young, Chinese-American male Coming-Of-Age in a quest for self-knowledge… in outer space. { read it }


fic-asian :: AsianMall.com online fiction column

Fic-Asian was a fictional column that I briefly wrote for AsianMall.com in 2001. It was a writing concept that I had proposed as a short fantasy story with Asian-themed situations/characters. It ran the intro and the first story, “Untitled For Your Discretion”. I decided to pull it and place it here on rayhom.com because I felt it was too experimental for Asian Mall. The series continues as part of the Ugly Heaven universe. Hope y’all dig it…



You can’t write poetry on the computer.
– Quentin Tarantino

Below, are my attempts at poetry. Although, writing poetry was never my deepests desires, but the words come on to me like a stripper in a gentlemen’s club. And, I place my pen to paper like dollar bills to the strings of a thong. Whoa, that deepens to nothingness.


Them Psychics (2003) – And why would you believe in ’em? { read it }


Ther3fore i am (2001) – My frustration with the trend of the rice boy sub-culture. { read it }


Kid-Napped At Birth (2001): A meTa poem about beginning. { read it }


Fallen: Where the Hell Am I Going?! (1995) – Finding direction in life. { read it }


The Demon Made Love To The Angel (1994) – The paradox of existence. { read it }


A.B.C./R.I.P. (1993-2001)
What I’m about to share with you is something I first wrote back in 1993 during my Coming-Of-Age years. Initial responses were either that it showed that “you’re proud of who you are” or “you sound very angry”. I’ve matured and am no longer the “youth-filled-rage” image portrayed in the poem. Nor am I as full of pride to blind my own shortcomings and, also, I feel that what I had to say in the poem was far too idealistic. But it was the first thing I’ve ever written and I felt liberated when I had written it. Let me get your first impressions…
{ read it }