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Amityville Horror (remake)

The Amityville Horror remake totally fucken sucked! Sorry for the immature, rage-filled language, but that movie was really bad. It was a total insult to the original Amityville Horror, both the book and the 1979 movie. Besides reinventing Jodie from a demonic pig into the daughter of the Defeo family, they took out the blood painted red room, downplayed the blessing of the house, and made this into a Shining rip-off. Being that the movie was only an hour and 20 minutes, there was no time for character development, and too many moments of “check-out-my-body” for the great-looking but bad-acting actors. (I normally don’t mind, but this is a horror movie, and I want horror!) There was no consistency in the 28 days, as it was jumping about 10 days every half-an-hour. And, if this house was haunted, they didn’t show much haunting, being that most of what was happening seems to be in shadow, or flickers of bad lighting, or just vague dreams/hallucinations. Therefore, you didn’t get a sense that the family were in any real danger. Of course, I don’t mind gore and cuss words, but these were inserted in the movie just to make it seem adult. When all is said and done, you realize, this movie was made with no imagination and creativity, but to just make us feel stupid knowing that theatre policy don’t refund you the movie based on the reasoning that one did not like it.

On the remake front, Sam Raimi (the director of the Spiderman movies), is redoing his horror classic, The Evil Dead. The best horror film (in my opinion), is getting a facelift for the 21st century with Ash, again, battling the Deadites in 2007. You know I will be jerking to this movie until its release.

The Original Amityville Horror

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