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Another Movie Meaning Of Life…

Very few people watch great movies,
most watch mediocre movies.

Roger Ebert

After finally having (half) of my Kill Bill DVDs (missing Vol. 1) returned, I decided to put my DVD collection in alphabetical order – starting from 2001 up to X-Files: Fight the Future. Yes, this is dumb blogging news, as I don’t have much to say, I guess. Except for my obsession with movies…

I’ve decided to no longer watch public TV anymore – I don’t want to hear it. Yes, I know I’m missing how great Heroes is, or that I should give Bionic Woman a try. Or your insescent ramble on how Smallville is such a well-written show. I’m not in the mood for Ugly Betty, and 24 sucked the last 2 seasons. And, those fucken censors, they drive me up the wall. These shows have no balls like HBO. I’m a Netflix whore cause I have better choices – I can’t understand why people burn large numbers of DVDs to build a library of mediocre movies that they will never ever watch again (I actually knew a retard who tried to sell me 800 DVDs that he had copied for the past years for about 80 bucks. Money is tight.). Then there’s the other “movie buffer” who buys the widest screen TV that doesn’t match the actual aspect ratio of the movies they watch. And the only movies they have to offer is the choice to watch either DirectTV or a bootlegged “Transformers”. How dumb is that?

This was brought to you by the film literate elitist of rayhom.com. G’nite.

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