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“A man’s character is his fate.”
– Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

I’m buzzed out on a small dose of Nyquil as I enter my second entry on Xanga early this Saturday morning. No, this is not normal routine for me (to be buzzed on Nyquil), I’ve just caught a cold late this week. I can’t sleep for the moment because the high is a bit strong. So, I’m just gonna ride it out and enjoy the feeling… and hope to heal, of course.

For now, I’m contemplating, what’s up with people who don’t take their medication when they are sick? These people argue that they don’t want to put chemicals in their body and that they want to heal “naturally”. Isn’t that the kind of thinking that allowed the Neanderthals to live well into their… 30s? Medicine is a form of technology like cars, computers, and telephones. It improves the quality of Life (assuming that we are on the same page that it is worth living). Some say those are external factors and that medication invades your body. Well, yeah, shouldn’t there be a balance here? If you only rely on the external, are you not creating a shield of your “naturally” healing soul?

Anyways, the drugs are taking over my body now, I’ll be back soon in my “natural” state…


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