Another six month update:

I’ll be heading off to WonderCon in a few days, and visit a few friends in SoCal, next weekend from this post’s date. It will be my first Con of the new year. I may, start slowing down on the Cons, only to pursue more other interests. It won’t be a total stop, but I do have only so much time in a minute. It’s best to just watch my “tech, travel, and NerdCulture” vlogs on to fancy a follow of what my interests are.

Saw Martin Scorsese Speak (and run), met Hideo Kojima, and Netflix Screening of “My Name is Dolemite”!

Until recently, I’ve only seen two documentaries by Martin Scorsese. The epic 4-hour Journey into Movies, which I had got my hands on through Netflix DVD mail delivery back sometimes in the 2000s, and “Public Speaking” on HBO about the fascinatingly articulate New Yorker Fran Lebowitz. Because of the upcoming release of The Irishman, Scorsese has been promoting his work […]

The 3 of Us: October Babies 2019

Three people, I am blessed and grateful, to have exist in my Life have the same bdays this month on Oct 11th: my God Daughter Verity, my GodSis Luann (not related to Verity), and my “occasional” traveling & drinking gal, Jeanne. It’s a bit difficult to talk about all three in a post, nor is this an attempt to. I’m […]