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Day 11 – On The Set of "Hand To Hand"

Having skipped the last 2 days of shooting, again, for other obligations – today, our shoot took place at a CalTrain warehouse towards the south, away from the city. Expecting a long shoot, I arrived at about 9am (after circling around looking for that obscure entrance/path that lead into this mysterious warehouse).

It was filming as usual, set up and a lot of waiting around… We had needed extras for the scenes being shot today, and I had sent out a mass email during the prior week. A few of you responded, but only Cathy Nguyen showed up. The rest of you chickened out, got lazy, or was too shy – I felt it in the voice of your excuses. Yes, you can contact me to defend the legitimacy of those excuses.

Being restless, I noticed that Danton (dressed in all black, leather jacket, and sunglasses) walked across the yard as if he’s looking to kick someone’s ass. Joy, one of the PAs, commented that he looked like an “Asian Stuntman Mike” from Tarantino’s Grindhouse: Death Proof. Haha… Too bad I don’t have any pics on me to place here, but hey, if you go to DantonMew.com, choose your favorite pic of Mr. Mew, Photoshop in a pair of dark sunglasses, you will know what I’m talking about. Heheh… Danton’s gonna kick my ass for this. :mrgreen:

Anyways, without giving away any plot points, being this was going to be Bill Duff’s last week stay in the city, we had to film the finale. Apparently, someone had called and complained about too many people on the premises (as I understood it), and that we had to evacuate. It was almost already 5pm, and we were expecting another 3 hours of shooting. But, we were sent home, and the scenes with the extras were never shot. And what was to be Day 12 was eventually canceled. Updates will arrive when I get back on set.

Bill Duff & his entourage
…and we’re out!

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