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Day 14 & 15 – On The Set of "Hand To Hand"

Shooting took place in downtown San Francisco these past two days. In some underground area that I won’t specify… gotta keep the plot to this movie a secret… Shhhhhhhh. Anyways, I won’t talk too much in this entry at all about what went on the set. I believe most of you are getting bored of me talking about camera placement, actor’s doing their scenes, and me gleefully talking about how excited I am being a part of it all. I felt bored (and even annoyed) at myself for having wrote that.

Making a movie is sooooo easy...
Making a movie is soooooooo easy!

I’ll just describe what happened after the last shoot of the day ended – only a few of us went with Jino to have dinner at Mel’s downtown near the Metreon. It was only Jino, me, Heather (make-up), Matt (PA), and Lorinzo (crazy actor pictured above). Jino entertained us by describing background production details about “Hand To Hand”, and said many times to me (with a smile), “don’t blog this” – referring to things importatnt like giving away the ending, or mentioning the budget of the film. Or even certain key scenes that were cut out of the movie. You will all have to wait for it on the unrated, extended DVD version. 😛

I asked Jino how the marketing and promo will be like for “Hand To Hand”. He grabbed one of the paper mats on the table and drew out a sketchy, stick-figured version of the planned “Hand To Hand” poster. I made him sign it. And I kept it. Woo-hoo! I have an original poster of the movie, hand-drawn by Jino himself. (I gotta buy me a frame to hang it up on my wall.) 😆

Then Jino inquired how we liked working on the film production: Matt said it was better than film school, and he also joked that we should be paying Jino to be on the set. I agree, it’s been a good experience for me… something I dreamed of, but had little faith that I would ever be a part of, as I grew older. Not that I’m giving a hokey explaination that destiny has looked out for me. Jino sarcastically said that I will be a “head screenwriter” someday. And I replied that if I ever win the Academy Award, I will thank him first. Heheh… Jino is on his way, he carved a niche for what he wants to do. I will start carving mines.

I had recently finished the first draft of a short screenplay entitled “Touch” (prob will change), and getting a few critical responses. Will talk about this more soon.

See y’all on set next year!

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