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Day 2 (11.03.07) – On The Set of "Hand To Hand"

Unfortunately, my dumbass forgot to bring my camera today to the film production. Therefore, I don’t have any pics to show. I did bring my DV camera, so there are videos of actors doing silly things on the set. But, I won’t show those until I edit it for clarity and continuity. And that probably won’t happen until after the entire filming is finished by mid-Dec. 2007.

Today’s scene involved a fight in a ring, and the reactions to this event by certain key characters of Hand To Hand. And because I don’t have my camera, I am unable to show you actors like Tony (I forgot his last name, but he was part Italian/part Portugese – and just remember to look for him in the credits of the movie release). He plays one of the henchmans who will eventually gets shot to death towards the big finale (Tony has repeated his enthusiasm about this to me throughout the day). And he tells us that he always gets recast as a bad guy in every movie (Matrix, Phenomena, was part of the resume he mentions.) He reminds me of a character out of a Vertigo comic book (I mean this as a compliment, Tony.) – an imposing image of a perfectly shaved bald head, tall, dressed in a wife-beater with big-ass arms full of tattoos. Come to think of it, as I write this, he does remind me of a buff Spider Jerusalem in Vertigo’s Transmetropolitan.

Jim Hiser, who plays Bruno, delivers a line where he screams,”Hey. Tokyo Joe says, ya better get up, motherfucker!” to one of the ring fighters, Rio, who has fallen. It’s one of those lines when well delivered by a good actor will become a classic line repeated by fans through multiple viewings of the movie. And Jim delivers. There is a PG version where he had insisted on improvising, and I caught it on video. (And it’s amusing that there is no exclamation (!) point for that dialogue in the screenplay.) Again, I will show you in the future someday. Unless, Jino decides to use this version instead in the final edit. Anyways, I respect the word “motherfucker” and it’s usage from now on.

Today was a long day… it does get tedious when scenes have to be shot, and reshot. But, while everyone is waiting in between takes, where can one find a better job environment where everyone talks about movies, analyzing scenes, talking of their favorite flicks? And the topics aren’t about some lame ass flick like Transformers? It’s impossible for anyone to love movies any less because of this!

And I did get a joy out of making the actor’s groan as I passed out to them to sign the Actor’s Release Form, which pretty much says that production won’t be accountable in case they die or become famous.

Jino mentioned that Carlos Gallardo of Robert Rodriguez’s infamous film, El Mariachi, wanted the role of Tokyo Joe (whom is the big, bad boss in this flick), but had to be turned down because Bill Duff of Human Weapon has been already signed on. Damn.

I also had the impression that this production is a straight-to-video movie because that was how Blade Warrior was distributed. But, Jino assured me that he has plans for this to be a theatrical release. Woo-hoo, I’ll be the first one in line!

I attempted to take a couple of pics on the set with my Pearl, but it just came out kinda fuzzy… below is a scene where Ken is conversing with manager Minetta and his sexy assistant/mistress, Anita. And the pic on your right, is a shot of Kurt, the DP, filming the former scene. (Ironic, being that it’s a bad shot of someone who makes a living perfecting shots.)

I will speak again in the next production day, which is tomorrow.

Fuzzy Image of Hand-To-Hand Production   Fuzzy Image of Hand-To-Hand Production

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