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Day 6 (11.11.07) – On The Set of "Hand To Hand"


Back on set today, the scenes being shot involved an underground fighting club. It’s mostly routine for the day, I don’t have much to report. Don’t get me wrong, it was another fun and learning experience filming shoot. Although, the tediousness of waiting for the next shot wears down on me during all the down time and waiting.

My bro, Stan, came down to do a bit part as an extra in the flick. The production needed a bunch of people to be part of the crowd that cheers on the fight during the fighting scenes within this dark, underground fight club. =) Like classic B-movie style, he did a great acting job looking anxious as his character lost his life savings gambling on a fight that was not in his favor…


I finally got to meet stuntman/actor Danton in person. It was my bro who introduced me to him, when Danton was seeking zombie extras for a horror flick (still in pre-production). Danton was the one who has been supportive and finding me this gig (and hopefully more future gigs). Initially, we’ve been communicating through email, and he has been the main catalyst in getting me to believe that I can get into the film production business. Check out his resume and bio at: DantonMew.com

Towards the evening, all the extras have gotten tired and were sent home. But, there was one more scene that involved Danton as a bouncer leading Jino’s character Ken through a dark, dingy hallway to get to the underground fight club. Since there were no extras left, Jino asked if I would like to stand-in for a scene. Cool! Well, my scene is where I’m the guy that is frontin’ on a cellphone, looking crossed staring down at Jino as George the bouncer (played by Danton) passes through. I wanted to have dialogue to say somethng like “Whutdaphuck you lookin’ at?!”, but Jino said he only wanted me to look tough. Haha – the irony in all this is that, pretty much of my life, I’ve always had a habit of having a constipated-look on my face, as my friends and family tell me. It’s actually because when I was younger I was susceptible to migraines, and my eyes would be sensitive to light during these headaches. This caused in me a bad habit of squinting my eyes (I know, perpetuate the Asian stereotype even more, huh?) and creasing my forehead. Therefore, when you guys finally watch this scene in the movie, I’m actually faking a migraine staring down Jino wondering whatdaphuck he is lookin’ at.

Conclusion – This day will go down in history that I did a scene with Danton Mew.


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