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Day 7 (11.12.07) – On The Set of "Hand To Hand"

Who Watches The Watcher?I worked on set for only about 4 hours today. Leaving my 9-to-5 job early, I went to meet Jino and the crew/actors of only 7 people today (which makes it a total of 8, if you include me. Woo-hoo! I can count!) They had finished-up shooting a lot of the in-door scenes where Ken and his new found students did their fight training, by the time I got there.

It was getting dark into the evening, so we shot an outdoor scene that involved Peter’s character, Jim, strung out on crack on the floor. Then Erik and Gen (played by Michael Bauld and Kelly Kim, respectively) drive up to save and carry him off. It’s a simple scene, but there were constant interruptions because it’s an outdoor scene – curious onlookers, vehicles passing by, and various drivers doing 3-point turns. Eh, otherwise, it’s not much to report on this day – but it’s one less day towards the scenes in two-weeks involving Tokyo Joe who will be played by Bill Duff.

Be back in two weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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