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Day 8 – On The Set of "Hand To Hand"

Bill DuffAs the crew was busy setting up the production equipment, and the actors rehearsed their scenes and lines, I spotted a curious onlooker at the front door.

He asked me,”Are you guys filming a TV episode here?”

I corrected him,”We’re filming a movie.”

“Isn’t that the guy from TV?” He gestures towards the imposing, shaved head male with the goatee. “He’s the Lethal Weapon guy, right?”

Again, I corrected him,”Human Weapon. Yeah, Bill Duff.”

“That’s awesome! What’s the name of the movie?”

“Hand To Hand.”

“Cool.” He spoke again,”Well, good luck on the movie.”

“Yep, Thanks.”

I only was able to attend the afternoon shoot today. But, early in the morning, they had filmed the scene of Bill Duff (as Tokyo Joe) being released from jail at the California State, Solano Prison. Unfortunately, for me, I had to be at my other regular job, so i was unable to witness the execution of this scene being shot. Oh wells, just gotta wait until the movie comes out.

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