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It’s about 5:30am, and I’m wide awake… and I feel like writing a little bit…

I’m a little late on this (but I was also late in obtaining a pic), last weekend, Bieu & Cathy got married (Sept. 18, 2004). It came so quick, within a blink of an eye. I remember the days when me and Dave use to drag out Bieu when he was briefly single to go clubbin’ and other events. I remember when I use to chat with Cathy about all kinds of things, and she encouraged me to continue writing… *sniff, sniff* But, they are in a new stage now, to be together forever. =P Congratulations, Bieu & Cathy!

Can we get enough of SinCin? Miss Cindy Lee appeared in this week’s issue (037) of Sing Tao’s East Week. She’s the featured girl of the month. I’m not going to talk much about why she’s in there (isn’t it obvious?! =P Hi, SinCin!), but more her reaction to the situation. She’s been quite shy and humble about it. I’ve lucky enough to have known a few people in this “industry”, and understand that one shouldn’t allow this to get to one’s head and take it too seriously. Cindy knows she can have fun with the moment, but she’s smart enough to know that beyond the image, there’s real life to deal with. And that is why she deserves to be on the cover of a magazine. =B Well, go to your local Chinese newstand and pick up a copy.

You’ve gotta gain that Knowledge Of Self
’cause Heaven ain’t just wealth,

– The Don Mega Ice Cube

I’ve been lately neglecting my friends, and harboring a lot of internal thoughts. I’ve also been having a hard time writing honestly in my personal journal (as well as on my online journal here). Not that I’m saying I’ve been lying about stuff, but more that I haven’t been saying enough to encourage myself “to action”. I’m saying I’ve become comfortable with myself. But, I don’t think my savior will come in the form of journal writing but…

I want to speak about a writing project that has been 10 years in the making. It’s a screenplay that I’ve briefly mentioned here and there but never fully confronted with you folks. Back in the ’90s, about the time when John Singleton made films about the black youth coming-of-age, Sung Hi Lee was promulgating Asian beauty, and hip-hop was an intellectual medium, I grew up with inspiration being of beauty and mind as the force behind appreciating human existence. Plus, I was an Asian growing up in America, therefore, there was the struggling dichotomy of being being Asian / American. As I began writing my inspirations for the film back then, the premise came to be about an enraged youth coming-of-age. But I was never satisfied with the dimension of the characters that populated my screenplay… and I was too angry about nothing (being ignorant), and frustrated with my youth. I wasn’t ready to write this screenplay yet.

Therefore, I’ve spent most of my younger years, unconciously, making friends of various characters and dimensions, and was observant of people in relation to their environment. And I jotted down notes of possible characters that would enlighten the screenplay. As of the present day, the screenplay is about, I would say, 85% done. I know I gave that number a couple months back. I’m a bit stuck. But, now, this is what the screenplay is about: A coming-of-age, intellectual, mid-20s, who have complex friendships, dealing with issues of life & death… and can’t commit to a girl. I know, I know. People are asking,”Is this an autobiography of you?” Yes, and no. It is still a story told with drama, sex & violence… otherwise, it would lack entertainment value. But, yes, I will admit, in public, for the first time, this screenplay (which I definitely plan to finish before I hit 32), symbolizes my release in transition from my 20s into my 30s… does that make sense? I will have to clarify further in the future. =)

Well, time to pick up SinCin and begin another workday…

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