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I Finally Met Takashi Miike!!!

I’ve dreamed and fantasized of meeting my all-time fav Japanese filmmaker, Takashi Miike, but never believed it could happen. Insane, intense, prolific, philosophical, literate, a master famous soft spoken director… Last night, he was in the Bay Area presenting his 100th film,”Blade Of The Immortal“. And, he took the time to smile for the camera with me. #StillShaking

My face looks like it’s going through a wind tunnel being caught mid-smiles. Thanks to Ever for directing this epic and historical scene between Miike and me!

During his talk, Miike wanted to clarify that he makes all kinds of genre movies. But, people focus on his violent torture stuff ’cause the international marketing distributors believe that’s what sells the most. He also said that even though he killed hundreds of ppl in his current film, his next project is a TV show aimed at 3 to 6 year old girls, to teach them about purity.

Back in 2006, I blogged about him, and I prob still feel the same way: Shock Value: The Films of Takashi Miike

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