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Jay & the Elusive Silent Bob

Last night, I was able to see Jay & Silent Bob (Jason Mews and Kevin Smith) speak at the Warfield in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the above pic was the best pic I could take, because of the lighting set-up of the theater, and the fact that I was taking this pic on my smartphone (despite messing with the ISO and auto-contrast settings). Nevertheless, it gives ‘em a certain angelic aura doesn’t it, as Kevin Smith is practically a “god amongst men” to me? As ever elusive, I’ve attempted to somewhat meet Kevin Smith at least three times in my life, as it’s on my bucket list, and this is as close as it has gotten for me, so far. I’ve been engrossed in a lot of his films, books, concerts, amongst other things… gaaaawwd, I can sit and listen to these guys speak forever. Will never get tired of their ramblings of anecdotes, melding of geek cultures, tugging one out to KS pics of his wife, and Jason Mewe’s “Let’s fawwwk!” charades. During the Q&A, an audience member brought up the literary reference of “living beyond your [ultimate] death”. Kevin Smith has entertained me with his wit and hilarity with that mantra…

Jay & Silent Bob at the Warfield

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