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Monsters in L.A.

On April 12, 2013, not knowing what Monsterpalooza was, my co-producer/writer/director, Bo! Campbell, of Mind.Erase.Media invited me along on a trip to L.A. to check out this event. Just needing an excuse to get-away for a bit from my daily routine in the Bay Area, I was down to check out what I expected to be a music festival full of arts & crafts populated by people in creature costumes. But, instead, I arrived at a convention full of amazing artists who create, sculpt, draw, and build all things monsters.



Besides the monsters, I had encountered the following three celebs. First, was a quick signing with Tom Savini. He’s the dude that made a lot of cool sfx and make-up effects for a bunch of popular horror movies of the 80s/90s. He also did the stunt work and was an actor for a few movies including “Dawn of the Dead“, “From Dusk till Dawn” and “Grindhouse“.

You may not immediately recognize the guy in the middle below, but that’s Al Leong. He always appears as a bad guy in flicks like “Die Hard“, “Big Trouble in Little China“, “Lethal Weapon“, and “24“. Maybe his death reel will jog your mind.

Then while waiting for my travel mates in the lounge area of the Marriot hotel in Burbank, CA, I spotted Danny Glover sitting across from me casually speaking to his agent(?) or friend(?) showing off his white socks. So, I took a discreet candid shot because I wanted to give the impression that I cared enough about his privacy… but instead it turned out to look like found footage of an important clandestine meeting for the next Lethal Weapon movie that TMZ would pay for.


You can find my Monsterpalooza 2013 album full of monster pics on Facebook or, if you prefer, on Flickr.


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