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My career and interests will focus on only two things…

With the stagnancy of the economy and struggling of the human species clamoring to find work to feed their own desires and needs, I’ve been pacing through my life seeking my own destiny. Since then, over 3-and-a-half months have passed since my last update here… and this will not be much of an update but a mere announcement of where I’m heading…

My career and interests will focus on only two things:

  • Fiction Writing: I will no longer seek editorial work involving interviews or columns (at least, not currently). My focus will be strictly fictional work like short stories, novels, and screenplays. It will be more amusing if I brainwash the masses with my ideas through made-up worlds.
  • Programming/A.I.: My web design skills have become stagnant, therefore, my career path will involve a evolutionary process towards programming Artificial Intelligence. It goes something like this: 

    Web Design > Web Programming > Computer Programming > Artificial Intelligence


    I live by a philosophy promoting the integration of Man & Machine in humanity’s destiny. Hopefully, for good, of course…

That’s all for now, folks!

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