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Ray’s And Wil’s Missing "Raunchy Sex" — Exxxplanation


Hello people,

I would have to apologize for the fact that Raunchy Sex: Ejaculations will no longer be up on my website, which I have a good reason for. I posted the writing because I felt that people could experience the bizarre side of my humor involving sex. But what I didn’t realize until now (with some ‘waking up’ criticism from some of my friends) is that a lot of people may take it the wrong way and it contained derogatory and extreme (I mean Exxxtreme!!!) references about sexuality.

As Harlan Ellison said,”The best of me is in my writing.” That is something I can’t actually claim for in Raunchy Sex. Compared to my other writings, this was conspicuously out of place. Not only that, ironically, this was the most talked about and most popular of the stuff that I posted since October 28. That bothered me. Because if I ever get anywhere with what I do, I do not wish to be remembered based on this ‘sexually obsessive’ writing and having to answer for it.

But for the few privileged ones that read it on it’s very limited release (5 days), thanks for the diverse criticism and praise (?!) saying that it was creative. That’s all I could say that it was. At the most, that’s what I got out of writing it. It had no message. As for social redeeming value? It depends on how you view sex in society. It can be a very touchy and sensitive subject. A lot of my friends know that I can be very open about it (and I’m not only referring to the jokes!) but a lot of other people are not. And I have to respect that. That is why I revoked the existence of Ejaculation. Even the title alone is hard for a lot of people to swallow (No pun intended).

Don’t worry, folks, I will still write stuff involving sexual innuendos but it will be from a more mature point-of-view.

As for William, himself, he’s probably relieved that I’ve taken this off my site. He knew sooner or later, someone was gonna question its existence…

— ray hom 😈

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