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Okay. I have said my piece, now I’m at peace.

I gotta change my writing mood, or else I will be a borderline tantrum throwing cry baby. My strategy on how I engage the world should be more pro-active…

It’s Monday morning and how was everyone’s weekend? I attended the wedding of Sandy Leong and her new husband Tim. Congratulations! It was invigorating seeing Margaret, Frank, and Felix again… and we’re all getting older. But, we also, haven’t changed much. I mean physically. Mentally, we have matured… hopefully. But, us Asians, we do age well.

Okay, I’ll get off the Asian pride bandwagon now.

Lately, I’ve been maping out a possible science fiction series (at least 5 volumes, hopefully) I want to write someday. Some grand mythology epic like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, or Frank Herbert’s Dune, or, my greatest influence, David Wingrove’s Chung Kuo: Middle Kingdom series. Originally, I had thought I would begin writing the first volume after I pass the age of 35. But, then, I did some soul searching and said, why not start now? With my mind so cluttered, I should straighten out my ideas now? Do it NOW? Putting it off makes me lazy now.

This stems from the fact that I haven’t written a damn thing for almost a year. Besides these online journals, everything else is hidden in my personal journals, notebooks, or in my cluttered mind. The pen is mightier than the sword and I’m a bit afraid to wield it. (Oh, damn. I’m borderline whining again.) But, without making anymore excuses, without digging a deeper hole into my mind about how old I’m getting, without bitching & moaning to you folks about how “I’m almost done, I’m almost done!”, I shall have something done real soon… I wanna write again. I’ve been playing defense way too long. It’s time to play a little offense.

And as a start, I’m almost done (heh, heh, heh…) with that screenplay folks. The one that I’ve said I had started about 10 years ago. The one that I’m dillusionally believing that will change who I am. I’m about 85% done, mostly working to format it right to industry standards. And it will be the first bullet I am cocking into my pistol…

Now, I leave you in peace. But as I’ve been told,”Peace… is a prelude to war…”

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