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(Self-Deluded) Realizations…

You have to hold your audience in writing to the very end – much more than in talking, when people have to be polite and listen to you.
– Brenda Ueland, writer (1891-1985)

What daphuck am I ranting about again?

As long as my Flesh is still fresh, all my actions have been all too human. Sometimes they’re ignorant, sometimes they’re enlightened. Sometimes painful, and sometimes humorous. (It’s the only way to get through it all.) Often times I’m silent and patient, ’cause I learn by the observation of other human actions. I’ve provided wisdom, cuss words, kind offers, and prejudices. In return, I’ve received security, offensive gestures, and met selfless mongers. I’ve offered friendship and sometimes a little love. I kept my hatred personal and tempered it with rationality. I value my intellect and made my pride override the temptation of money. I respect the beauty of women as equal to the respect I have for their minds; I find Man lacking Knowledge of Himself, and the only Wisdom is through the Female. My Soul is not for rent, to be bartered, or for sale.

I hate to preach.

I believe I am your Leader, the Way, the One.

Don’t follow me.

I am no one.

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