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The State of the (N.W.A) Union

Still a tortured soul. Some see the good in things, others dwell in the bad. I envision a Chaotic Paradise.

Although I choose alcohol as my main drug of choice, other than the fact that it is legal, I hate the after-effects that it induces in me. Besides the dry mouth, waking up with a tender head, a need to flush out the alcohol out of my body, etc., I can’t write well when I’m drunk. I can’t get past 3 sentences without falling asleep… Some genius out there must someday, for the Good of Humanity, create a chemical drug with the high effect of alcohol without the hangover. Creativity can be technologically-induced. Well, we wish cigarettes that don’t cause cancer, sex without the protection, riches without the greed… we wish for no consequences. What kind of world are we wishing for, I ask of you mortal gods?

Notorious MSG

I have no desire to watch XXX: State of the Union. But since I brought it up, what kinda disturbed fantasy is Ice Cube getting himself into these days? Amerikkka’s Most Wanted Doughboy who came Straight Outta Compton at 100 Miles & Runnin’ is savin’ the president? After Barbershop 2, I’m losing faith in the One that built “This Gangsta Shit” in Hip-Hop with Dr. Dre & Eazy-E. I’m boomin’ my N.W.A mp3s now just to reminisce. I miss the cuss words

6:35PM: Just got back hangin’ with Sheena. We saw The Interpreter (barely beat the matinee). I feared a formulaic Hollywood film that won’t justify the ticket price. But, I admit, I liked this movie. Two great actors yelling and crying makes for some intriguing drama. Unfortunately, arguments and debates in real life aren’t this clean. I guess, that’s why film is art. Captures the best in even our worst moments. Sorry, straying from topic. Besides the acting, I’d recommend the film based on its attractive cinematography of the U.N. building, New York, and Africa. It’s one of those flicks where you go to the movies just to go to the movies.

Afterwords, we hit Crepe Vine. The place where we all normally go to discuss everyone’s sorrows. But me and Sheena had no sorrows to discuss. Only trading insults, and personal, humorous anecdotes involving gender, beliefs, and wit. I always found Sheena a bit goofy, as if the world to her, was a place where we were born to laugh at our sorrows, to get over our sorrows. We all should learn to have a sense of humor like Sheena.

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