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Tashie "GG" Van; Sin City; Episode III

The last drop of my prescribed cough syrup has left the bottle and entered my body, mind, and, I guess, soul. I admit, I believe I read & write better when I am “high”. But, I can’t indulge in this legal buzz unless I am really sick and truly require the stuff for medicinal purposes.

This past weekend, Mikiko threw a surprise bday party for her little sis’ Natashie, whom I personally refer to as the “Ghetto Girl”, or GG, for short. (It’s a long story, don’t ask.) I remember Tashie when she was this young, still only in diapers. Now, she’s this much older, and still in diapers. Heheheheh… well, she was one of the peoples in me mediocre writing life that encouraged my online rantings, rumblings, and tumblings. And was, for the most part, responsible for my Xanga presence. If I ever become a highly noticed writer, she’s one of the peoples I will forever be grateful for the encouragement. *sniff, sniff* Anyways, as I blow my snot into the tissue, I had realized, but never noticed, that Tashie is camera shy. So, shy that the only pic I was able to catch at the party was of Tashie’s dog Sonny (or Sunny?) walking away when I refused him food. But, for the curious eye, I’ve spliced together 5 of what little images I have of GG in the past years that I’ve known her…

The 5 Faces of GG

Hey, one thing I’ve noticed that I haven’t done so far is mention my thoughts about Frank Miller’s Sin City – the Rodriguez movie version, since I’ve been jerking-off to it’s release countless times in the previous months. Well, of course I loved it. It’s the only comic-to-film movie that I am aware of that matched it frame-to-frame, style-to-style. And they said the comics weren’t filmable? And, of course, I watched it more than once. The first time was with SinCin. End of an Empire?Get it, get it? I saw Sin City with SinCin. Get it? I’m tired of telling that joke; I know it’s dumb. But, I just like the relative rhythm of sayin’ it. But I should of warned Cindy the level of violence in the movie, as she was gasping from beginning to end. Remember when Tarantino had certain sequences in Kill Bill in B&W, that’s what to expect of the level of violence in Sin City. It’s just the level of taste that you can bear it. Don’t call me a sicko for being amused by it, it’s just film style. The 2nd time I watched it was with Jerry and Gil. They were silent, accompanied by heavy breathing. And, no, it’s not from sleeping. It’s from the excitement of the big guns and half-nekkid chicks that paints the majority of Frank Miller’s City without Pity, against the backdrop of strong storylines. Check it out at your local theatre.

I’m sure by now, everyone out there is either anticipating or dreading, Episode III: The Revenge Of The Sith. I’d like to believe that I am the former, as I was “genetically predisposed” of being part of the Star Wars generation. I actually had feared, as a younger child (I am an older child now!), that I would never live to see all the Star Wars films made. So, this will be an accomplishment in life for me (somewhat) to see this movie. Although, I had loved and watched all five (so far) over and over many times (pre-and-post Special Editions), Episode I & II didn’t raise my fantasy hormones like the first three originals did. Episode III, as they have been touting about, is darker, and supposedly PG-13 rated. I don’t give a fuck whether it is G or XXX. Most of us who grew up on Star Wars are more than twice the age of 13, so stop jerking your lightsabers about how adult this movie is going to be. I just want a good fucken story, that’s well-directed, and not overtly CGI-to-death. Anyways, here’s a spoiler review by the one-and-only Kevin Smith, appropriately entitled Sith Spoilers.

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