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The Art Of Cussing

Motherfuck you bitch goddamn asshole!
– Too Short, Born To Mack

These are some of my heroes:

These folks promote critical thinking and rational reasoning when it comes to the real world. Without them, we would probably be living in the dark ages. We would still be dancing to make it rain, mumble prayer voodoo words to magically heal the sick, or consult the daily horoscopes to direct our lives. (Wait a minute, some of us still do these things. Well, I guess we currently live in the grey ages… *sigh*) Anyways, I doubt these heroes have the answer of the ‘ultimate meaning’ (if there is even one) but they offer what worshipping of actors & actresses can’t give, pieces of the puzzle to some meaning through scientific means.

And these are also my heroes – Penn & Teller.

The proclaimed “bad boys of magic”, these guys have been performing for over 30 years, by revealing their secrets to audience through adult humour and shocking imagery. But I’m not here to talk about magic. I’m here to tell you about Penn & Teller’s Showtime series entitled Bullshit!. Well researched with facts and cuss words, the duo spend each episode debunking silly notions like psychics, UFOs, creationism, environmentalism, ESP, Feng Shui, alternative medicine, hypnosis, war on drugs, recycling, just to give you an idea.

The second season is already out now available for purchase on DVD. And if you haven’t caught up yet, I’d highly recommend you go to your local video store or order Showtime for TV and watch this show. Although you may not agree with everything the show has to offer, I guarantee you that you will not only be entertained, but enlightened. You won’t be condescended or made to feel dumb. It treats it’s viewers as adults… by providing nudity and foul language! The show has been nominated for Emmys for it’s writing and documentary quality. So, I ain’t bullshittin’ you about the show. The third season is already beginning production …there’s a lotta bullshit to cover out there. Thank god (assuming there is one) for heroes like Penn & Teller.

And if you are ever in the real Sin City of Las Vegas, check out their live show Penn & Teller Live at the Rio Hotel & Casino.

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