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The Food Of The Gods

The Food Of The Gods

I’ve been waiting soooooo long for Bert I. Gordon’s Food Of The Gods to be released on DVD… and it will be finally out this week! I’m gonna definitely be at Best Buy this Tueday (09/11). I have been quite obsessed with this movie, about half a decade ago, I was so desperate to find a copy, that I purchased this film on used-VHS on ebay. And I’ve since refused, like my favorite limb, to part with it. The video tape still has the green $4.99 price tag on it to prove it’s authentic cheap deal, too!

The Food Of The Gods is a loosely based H.G. Wells inspired story, grade-A, B-Movie camp about giant rats, wasps, and chickens! I can’t forget the scary images this movie ingrained in my youth… or, so it seemed scary back in the 70s when this young, impressionable kid was sitting in a dark, American theatre watching giant rats gnawing people, a giant chicken pecking people, and that “larger-than-human” wasps hive hanging from the tree with the sound of buzzing coming from within… Either it was because of low-budget or bad lighting, the dark atmosphere added to the creepiness of the flick. Big things in the dark scares me. And, I know a lot of you are afraid of the dark, so y’all can relate. (Remember the giant squid in the submarine ride at Disneyland?) But, no worries. I’ve out-grown and matured since that part of my youngin’ days. I can now sleep soundly in my adult life with no light. But, once in awhile, I still awake in the middle of the night believing I hear clucking as I see shadows of a giant pecker approaching me… that didn’t read right, did it?

This was my moment of nostalgia… or, as some would see it as, “ray is unable to move on with his life.” But after Tuesday, I can! Woo-hoo! Life’s simple pleasure…

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